AYS Owner, Brett Fuller, Talks Special Events with The Guys at RumbleDrum

Brett showed up on the RumbleDrum podcast with Joe and Todd, storytellers extraordinaire.

Would you think engineering could benefit you in a special events career? Brett didn't either, but it sure does when figuring out the “how's” of the projects that he takes on now at At Your Service.

Coordinating the fine-tuned details like an engineer is just part of his dedication to customer service. "A lot of our business model is that customer service. It all comes down to that..." he tells the audience.

"The last thing on everybody’s mind should be restrooms.. so if I get a call [from a customer] it's like 'Shoot. I'm on the forefront of their mind right now.' and I'm going to do everything I can ahead of time to where they don't have any issues and if they do, let me have that response time and that kind of get it done attitude to where they're not concerned about coming back to me."

Using his engineering skills, he prepares ahead so that his customers shouldn’t have to call him for trouble; he tries to eliminate any problems before they ever arise.

Brett also shared how covid-19 has affected the different aspects of business so far. 

When asked about VIP trailer restrooms (with flushing toilets and running water), Brett told Joe and Todd that "Historically, it’s really been [a] special event market.” but that as time has gone on, “It’s more and more in the construction field.” He says that everyone is requesting “something that has running water, flushing toilets, actual soap not just hand sanitizer.”

We bought a new VIP trailer in 2019, with plans to add another new one in 2020. However, we ended up buying 2 more in 2020 due to demand. 

Another change Brett talked about was the changes to demands elsewhere in the business. “From the special event world, what we’ve seen [is]the big events aren’t happening. Our flagship event was Rocklahoma. We had 900 restrooms out there. Well, none of that is happening. We didn’t have Tulsa Tough, Mayfest. All of the events were gone [in 2020].” 

So while the big events At Your Service were used to servicing were going away, there were other opportunities that popped up, as he explained: “What we started to see was families saying ‘Hey my kid’s gonna have 6 of his buddies over and we don’t really want them in our house, so can I just get a standard restroom?” 

So At Your Service was able to pivot and help a newer niche grow during a time when other niches were starting to struggle and is proud to have been able to deliver excellent service across the board.

To get a listen to the whole podcast and find out what other advice and trends Brett was able to discuss on the show, go here: https://rumbledrum.com/020-at-your-service-rentals-brett-fuller/

It’s available by video and audio-only. We look forward to helping you with your next special event or family gathering.

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