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Q: My Event Is in the Middle of a Field, Do the Vip Trailers Need Power and Water?

A: Our vip trailers include an on-board water tank and we have generators available for rent - all we need is level ground to set up.

Q: How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Restroom?

A: That depends on the location of your event/job, as well as the quantity of restrooms and service frequency that you require. Please call and provide these details to get an exact quote.

Q: I Need One for a Wedding, but Don’t Want an Old Beat up Toilet for My Guests. Can You Help?

A: Absolutely! Our special event units have never seen construction sites so they’re in pristine condition. Also, if your budget allows it, we can really impress your guests with our full line-up of vip trailers.

Q: How Many Restrooms Do I Need for an Event With 300 Guests?

A: We have resources available that will help determine the number of restrooms for any given event. It depends on the duration of the event and whether or not alcohol is being served. Give us a call and we can certainly provide you with some guidance.

Q: What Happens When a Unit Is Tipped Over?

A: We offer 24/7 emergency service, so just let us know and we’ll dispatch a driver to get the unit power washed and prepared for use.

Q: Can I Pay for Services After My Event?

A: We require that all special events be paid in full prior to mobilizing any equipment to your event.

Q: My Client Needs a Certain Color of Restroom, What Colors Do You Have?

A: Our special event units are available in either orange or grey. Our construction units are available in orange, grey, blue, green, and tan.

Q: How Much Waste Does a Normal Unit Hold?

A: The standard tank is 60 gallons.

Q: Why Are Your Prices Higher Than Some Competitors?

A: Simple - you get what you pay for. If you like clean restrooms, fully stocked tp, consistent and on-time service, and easy billing, then go with us. If you don’t like any of that, call the other guys. Why is Walmart cheaper than target?

Q: What Happens If a Homeless Person Is Sleeping in My Unit Overnight

A: Give them food and water and ask what else they might need.

Q: Your Logo Is Pretty Sweet! Can I Get a Hat or Shirt?

A: Absolutely, give us a call.

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