How Some Jobs Make it Hard to go to the Bathroom

There are so many kinds of jobs in the world that it’s impossible to list every one of them that make it difficult to use the bathroom, but we tried! We made a list of some of the most difficult jobs that make it hard to use the bathroom! 

Using the Bathroom Working Difficult Jobs

Once we asked the question, we got curious about the answers and thought you might, too. From Surgeons to Cell Phone Tower Technicians, we started thinking about all the most difficult jobs to have while also needing to “use the john”.

Have you ever thought about how a truck driver goes to the bathroom on the road, when there is no store in sight? What about how an astronaut uses the bathroom while they float around in the International Space Station? Without further ado, here is how some jobs make it hard to go to the bathroom, listed by job.

How Do Cops Go to the Bathroom?

When it comes to our friendly neighborhood police officers, many may visit the bathrooms of a local convenience store or even have the chance to use the facilities at their station. However, not all officers have that luxury. Some must sit in their vehicles for long, long periods of time, watching for a suspect. Because of this, many movies and TV shows have accurately shown examples of these officers using items in their vehicles to relieve themselves to avoid leaving.

Now that is probably an extreme situation. We are certain they will go to use an actual bathroom if need be, or else, hold it!

Where Do Fighter Pilots Do the Doo?

When someone trains to become a pilot, they aren’t flying for long periods of time. But when they become pilots and actually have missions to go on, they can be in the air for a long time; such as 8 hours or more. Because of this, they need a way to use the bathroom and they have to plan ahead!

Because of weight and size restrictions for fighter jets, there is, of course, no bathroom on board. So because of this, these pilots are trained to use special gear when they need to use the restroom.

This video comes from an actual fighter pilot in the United States Air Force to explain how they use “piddle packs” to use the bathroom while they are in the air.

A piddle pack is a bag with beads or other absorbent material in them that the pilot can pee into in order to relieve themselves while in flight. Of course, if the flights are shorter, then the pilots can just wait until they are back on the ground!

How Does an Astronaut Pee in Space?

Just like fighter pilots, astronauts have to get trained to use special equipment in order to use the bathroom in space. Their toilets are specially designed to vacuum away their waste and to strap them down to it so they don’t float away while using the bathroom.

That’s not even the strangest part. Once an astronaut uses the bathroom, the waste is vacuum sealed away. If you’ve seen the movie the Martian, you’ll have an idea! (Here’s an interesting video about some poop science in that movie!)

The ISS or International Space Station gives us a great photo of the toilet here. There is also a really great explanation of how it works.

How Do Truck Drivers Go to the Toilet?

If you’ve ever known a truck driver, or someone in the trucking industry, you probably know how long they have to drive, sometimes. In order to use the bathroom, a truck driver has a few options, luckily. They can visit a rest stop or truck stop along their route, where they can also wash clothes and take showers. 

Some semi truck drivers will also use cups and bottles the way some law enforcement officers might. Some really ingenious drivers may even bring along a portable toilet on board of their truck so they don’t have to share or wait to find a stop.

Driving a truck means they can stop alongside the road, legally, of course, and use their own bathroom, which probably helps a whole lot when they are on the road for long hours.

How Does a Cell Phone Tower Climber Use the Bathroom?

Apparently a cell phone tower technician pees into the wind, literally. In this article, a technician explains how it is common to simply pee off the side of the tower. He says that it is so common, there is an alert the climbers will yell out before starting to go.

Now, how do they use the bathroom to poop? We couldn’t find anything that said they do *that* off the side of the tower, so we’re thinking we’re safe from that! 

It might be a pretty safe bet that they climb down to use the facilities somewhere close by.

How Do Surgeons Go to the Bathroom?

Like the rest of us! However, they have to wait. They wait for a long time. Surgeons have a very unique job, and sometimes must be standing in the operating room for long periods of time. 

Sometimes a team of surgeons must remain for long operations that can take as much as 12 hours. Thinking about cases for conjoined twins or liver transplants, these are delicate and very intricate surgical procedures. 

The more complicated a surgery, the longer it can be before the surgeon can “break scrub”, or otherwise “contaminate” their gloves or gown. This can happen by touching anything that hasn’t be sterilized, rendering their gloves and/or gown soiled and they would need to redress.

Because of these long surgeries, it can mean a surgeon will wait or even take special precautions before surgery in order to prevent contaminating their clothes and gloves. They may wait for extraordinarily long periods of time, limit their liquids, or if you’ve ever seen Grey’s Anatomy, maybe they’ll go so far as to wear adult diapers!

High Rise Construction Workers

When a building is being constructed, well… there are no restrooms. Does that mean they have to leave the building, possibly walking down multiple floors every time they need to wee? Not always! There are special portable toilets that are lifted into high rise buildings simply called hi-rise units. These compact portable restrooms can fit into tight spaces and keep productivity up when large buildings are being erected. 

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