Myth or Fact: Bathroom Edition

We can’t say that bathrooms are a popular choice of topic when it comes to small talk or anything. You don’t go up to friends and start talking about toilet paper, bidets, or toilet water pressure (we mean, if you do, that’s alright, too). But with that said, there are always those strange questions that tend to come up in conversations we have and then we really wonder about the answers.

This article is one we came up with to help answer those kinds of questions! Even if it’s just something you overheard at the bookstore or a trivia question you couldn’t figure out the answer to, we thought these facts and myths can help you one way or another.

Are Wet Wipes Bad for You?

Many people prefer using wet wipes instead of dry toilet paper after doing their business in the bathroom, but are they bad for you? Apparently the answer is probably, yeah.

According to Gary Goldenberg, M.D., the medical director of the Dermatology Faculty Practice at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, when many patients come in with irritation in that area, it is nearly always because they are using wet wipes or very soft toilet paper

These products both have chemicals the body can become allergic to, which can cause irritation, so he recommends switching to very basic toilet paper to solve the problem.

Besides this, wet wipes are not easy on plumbing. According to plumbers, they are terrible for sewers and pipes; whether they are listed as flushable or not. They get caught after getting flushed and they accumulate until they cause larger problems for the homeowner.

So if you’re one of those that thinks wet wipes are better for you, you might think twice, for a few reasons! 

Is the Bidet Cleaner Than Toilet Paper?

There isn’t enough evidence to actually determine whether a bidet is better than wiping with toilet paper when it comes to hygiene. Some people say toilet paper just moves germs and fecal matter around, not really cleaning anything, and they push using a bidet. However, there is no evidence that a bidet does any better.

Using toilet paper can lead to some injury, such as anal fissures, which leads some to say the bidet is better: “According to Dr. Evan Goldstein, a rectal surgeon in New York City, using a bidet is the ideal way to care for your backside after using the bathroom". 

But there is no evidence that toilet paper is any better or worse than the running water of a bidet, either. It all depends on how you use them. With either option, there are possibilities to injure yourself as well as to help yourself. 

So before you decide to choose one over the other, just do a little research into those possibilities. (Here are a few links for you to check out: One, Two, Three, Four.)

How Do Bidets Not Spray Fecal Matter Back On You?

This is an understandable concern! However, because they use fresh running water, bidets are not spraying anything but water. Then that water runs back down to the toilet. 

While that water can potentially be redistributed back up at you, it doesn’t seem to cause any sort of issues with spreading more germs, based on our research.

Do People in Other Countries Not Use Toilet Paper? 

Actually, there are countries that don’t use toilet paper. They prefer using water (bidets). Toilet paper is the preferred method in Europe, the USA (obviously), and many places in East Asia. However, most countries in the Southeast of Asia and Southern Europe, prefer using water.

Do Americans Feel Weird If They Have to Use Bidets?

We can’t speak for everyone, but it seems most Americans prefer toilet paper because it’s what they are used to. Toilet paper is a lot more common to the average american than a bidet is.

Heated Toilet Seats Exist

When talking about bidets, there are bidet attachments and bidet toilet seats, some of which actually have heated seats! If you are a person who gets cold easily or you just don’t like sitting down on a cold toilet seat, then these might be the answer for you!

You don’t have to have a bidet with a heated toilet seat in order to get the “heat treatment”, either. Some heated toilet seats come battery powered and some are powered by an outlet in the bathroom, so if you decide to try one out, we suggest making sure you have an outlet you can use, or be sure to pick up the battery powered option.

If you wonder whether they are safe to use, the answer seems to be yes! It also appears to be a popular item to put in the bathroom to ward off those cold winter nights.

Did you know some of these facts or “myths”? There can be quite a lot of things that people don’t know, especially when the topic is toilets. No one wants to really know! But we do! And we’ll help you with your portable toilet needs anytime! Just give us a call at 918-272-0568 for your free quote!

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