VIP REstroom Trailers

Luxury bathroom trailers for Outdoor Events

These amazingly clean and extremely comfortable Luxury VIP Trailers are designed to make you feel at home and are perfect for weddings or corporate events! Our Luxury Trailers provide heat and air conditioning, as well as spacious fully enclosed private stalls.

These Trailers also include the following in each room:

  • Running water
  • Soap/paper towel dispenser
  • Large counter top
  • Full size mirrors
  • Superior LED lighting
  • AM/FM radio and Bluetooth compatible stereo system

For safety, the trailers include stairs with sturdy handrails on both sides. We offer the following sizes for luxury trailers:

  • Eight- Stall Special Event VIP Trailer
  • Six- Stall Special Event VIP Trailer
  • Three- Stall Special Event VIP Trailer

Satellite Vip Restroom Trailer

Sit in the lap of luxury with these air conditioned, fully equipped, spacious and luxurious satellite restroom trailers. Be sure to utilize our bluetooth capability to play your favorite tunes while you do your business. Our Satellite VIP Restroom trailers come equipped with:  

  • 4 Stalls in women’s restroom trailers
  • 2 stalls and 2 urinals in men’s restroom trailers
  • 110W, 2 30A Circuits for much needed power
  • An On-Board Water Capacity of 200 Gallons
  • A guarantee of 2,000 satisfying flushes
VIP Restroom Trailer
At Your Service VIP Trailer

Rich Vip Restroom Trailer

If you’re looking for a small step down from the satellite VIP Trailer but still want the feel of luxury, the Rich VIP Restroom trailer is for you. Enjoy all of the amenities of our top tier trailer in a smaller package:

  • 2 stalls in women’s restrooms
  • 1 stall and 1 urinal in men’s restrooms
  • 110W, 30A circuit
  • 1200 guaranteed flushes

Silver Wells Vip Restroom Trailer

Do you need a luxurious bathroom experience that’ll fit into a small space? Look no further than our Silver Wells VIP Restroom Trailer. Enjoy an easy, portable and pleasurable restroom experience wherever you may need it. These tiny tikes come equipped with all of the necessities for a clean and productive experience including:

  • 1 stall for women’s restroom
  • 1 stall and 1 urinal for men’s restroom
  • 110W, 1 20A Circuits for proper power usage
  • A guarantee of 900 satisfying flushes
Silver VIP Bathroom Trailer
White VIP Bathroom Trailer


We’ll cover your basic needs while providing convenient and clean facilities for your use. Our White Wells VIP Restroom Trailer is perfect for customers with little space and a need for easy mobility. Enjoy all of the basic amenities:

  • 1 stall for women’s restrooms
  • 1 stall and 1 urinal for men’s restrooms
  • 110W, 1 20A Circuit for all of your power needs
  • 105 Gallon On-Board Water Capacity
  • 900 flush guarantee

4-Stall Estate

This Luxurious 3 stall plus one urinal restroom trailer can service special events of medium size. Its slick silver and grey color scheme will be sure to not stand out too much at your event and offer a nice aesthetic to your attendees. Enjoy all of these amenities with the 4-Stall Estate: 

  • 2 stalls women's restroom with a one sink
  • 1 stall and 1 urinal men's restroom with one sink
  • 200 Gallon On-board Water Capacity
  • A guarantee of 1500 flushes
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inside of a porta potty
inside of a porta potty
inside of a porta potty
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