5 Things To Think About When Event Planning in 2021

Everyone is ready to put coronavirus behind us and start planning for 2021 events, but we may need to be sure we are prepared for the chance that 2021 may still hold COVID planning difficulties.

Between lack of available locations, masks, CDC guidelines to follow, and possible fines if you do something wrong, planning a successful event during the era of COVID may be becoming easier as people are getting used to it and now there are some proven processes in place, but there is still a possibility of unforeseen complications (as with planning all events, right?!).

To help with that, we’ve come up with a list of 5 things you’ll need to consider before and while planning a large event in 2021, whether it’s parade planning, neighborhood party planning, festival planning, or fair planning.

Corona May Still Be Around During Event Season

One of the things no one really wants to hear is that coronavirus may not be completely under control during 2021. Because of this, being prepared to comply with any necessary COVID restrictions will be paramount. 

Knowing your city and state’s regulations will be key to making sure that your event still occurs without any of those related issues popping up for you.

However, keep in mind that just because you are following guidelines and regulations, doesn’t mean that people will want to follow them. It also means that they may not want to even still show up. 

Later in the Year Could Be Better

If you really would like to plan for a large event and be sure more people are able to attend, try to arrange for having your soiree later in the year. Doing this will allow for the virus to potentially die down in our country and for restrictions to be lifted, giving you more of an opportunity to throw a big shindig.

Not only will restrictions possibly be lifted, but people may be more than definitely ready to get out for a party or at least try to feel back to normal. This will certainly help with attendance numbers!

We have seen some very large (record breaking) attendance numbers for events from 2020 just because people are so tired of being cooped up!

Adjust Your Event Planning Template

While you may have a template for your “usual” events, as an event planner, you may want to be sure to adjust it for the coronavirus, if you haven’t already. 

Locations may require masks on their guests, or not. You may need to require temperature checks at all the entrances, or not. But having these items prepared will put you ahead of the game and further ahead of your competitors.

Be sure that along with your typical planning template, that you also have an adjusted template for COVID, so that you know your event will go off without too much of a hitch.

This will help make sure that you and your guests will have a wonderful time, and you won’t have to worry too much about restrictions and other coronavirus related issues. Make a checklist!

Plan for a Smaller Budget, Limit Sales

While you may be prepared for a smaller number of people coming to your special event, you may need to also be sure that your budget matches those numbers to avoid any issues with vendors and spending.

Some event planners will simply rely on their previous years’ budgets in order to plan for this year, but for an awkward year like this one, you will want to be sure you’re prepared.

The CDC recommends smaller gatherings with plenty of space apart, followed by masks, hand sanitizer, and handwashing opportunities. This can certainly be easier when you have fewer people coming to your event.

In 2020, we noticed that some events actually limited the number of tickets sold and people allowed at their event. This helps with plans for budget, as well as manage the amount of people in the space at the outset. 

Over-Advertise Your Safety Measures for a Big Turnout

One of the biggest takeaways we saw during 2020 was from those events that actually spent a lot of time and energy on advertising their safety measures and over compliance with CDC, state, and local guidelines and regulations.

Those events, we noticed, actually saw larger ticket sales and attendance than events that tried to completely limit themselves to smaller budgets. However, each niche is different and you have to work with your own budget and data available to you in order to find what will work best.

For big or small events, to save money on items like hand sanitizer stations, porta-potties, and hand wash stations, give us a call for a free quote for your Oklahoma based large event. We’re happy to help!

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