8 Different Types of Porta Potties and Toilets

When it comes to different types of porta potties, there have been many options over the years. In modern history, we consider a porta-potty a stand-alone, plastic molded compartment with a toilet and a holding tank. They may or may not have a urinal inside. Some have sinks and some just have hand sanitizer. However, these are not the only available types of porta potties and portable toilets on the market!

Let’s go over some of the others and include some pictures of them so you can get an idea of the differences.

Uncommon Types of Toilets 

We’ll cover the most common types of porta potties a little later. For now, we’ll go over some of the other types of porta potties that exist in the world (you know, because why not? We’re all stuck inside right now, anyway, right?)

Portable Thunderboxes and Chamber Pots

Thunderboxes are essentially a wooden box that covers a chamber pot. Chamber pots are essentially a pot -- or bucket in these modern times -- that people sit on to use the loo when out of doors. Thunderboxes cover up the pot to prevent anyone from having to see what’s down there and act as a more comfortable toilet seat. While these two can be made into a portable option together, sometimes they are not, with people using them indoors, as well, when they do not have access to flush water toilets.

Composting Toilets

Not all composting toilets are portable, but there are some that are. These toilets are made to get rid of waste in an ecological fashion by turning it into dirt without the use of fresh water, a water tank, or even a flush system. While it is not recommended for use on food gardens, the “dirt” (See what we did there? “Dirt” is another word for poop) can certainly be used in flower gardens or used to fill in low spots in the yard. 

Cassette Toilets

Some people are beginning to use cassette toilets as portable camping toilets. When they decide to save water, or perhaps convert a van into an RV (which is where these toilets got their start), they sometimes use these toilets because they can’t have typical flush toilets in their unit. These toilets include a removable waste tank, called the “black tank” that can be taken out of the toilet and dumped into a typical RV dump station or even into a regular flush toilet when needed. To make that task easy, these “cassettes” include carrying handles and rolling wheels much like traditional luggage nowadays.

Standard Portable Toilets

These units are the typical feature you expect to see when someone says “porta potty”. The following images come from our own fleet of special event units that we rent to various festivals and events, such as Rocklahoma or the Born and Raised music festival in Pryor, Oklahoma. 

These units will have urinals and standard seats and they can also include options such as Mirrors, Coat Hooks, Shelving, Multiple Roll Toilet Paper Holders, and Hand Sanitizer Dispensers.

High Rise Porta Potties

In some of the highest places, people still gotta go so there are specialty porta potty units for places just like that. When you’re working a construction job, you may have to stay very high in tall and incomplete buildings so these high rise units are outfitted with special hoisting rigs so they can be lifted easily by crane. They also come in full-sized units and half units, for easy access in those difficult spaces.

VIP Luxury Trailer Potties

These are not your grandpa’s porta potties! Porta potties have come a long, long way from their historical beginnings, so why rent or use a standard porta potty when you can have a clean and comfortable luxury experience? Enter the VIP Trailer Portable Toilet. This type of portable unit is outfitted with heat and air conditioning, running water, large countertop, full-sized mirrors,  soap/paper towel dispenser, LED lighting, AM/FM radio and even a Bluetooth compatible stereo system. 

Portable Urinals

When you have a ton of people coming in for your event, it can ease a “back up” (get it?) at the stalls if you include a few urinals outside. While some of your customers and guests may still have to wait in line, having less of them will certainly help make things “flow” faster. (See what we did there?) Some of these portable units include room for up to 4 guests to stand and use the facilities while others are available in enclosed trough units.

Who knew the world of porta potties and portable toilets was so vast? From camping trips to music fests, portable toilets take all sorts of shapes and sizes, and we hope you were entertained by this photographic trip through the different types of porta potties with us.

If you’ve already scheduled an event and know you’re going to need some form of portable toilet options for your guests that don’t include composting or cassettes, call us at 918-272-0568 and let us know what you need. We’ll gladly help you get some portable urinals or luxury “VIPee” units for your next event or festivity. 

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