Why Temporary Fencing for Special Events is Important

Event organizers need something that can help funnel crowds into or away from certain areas during their festivities. They need a way to keep people away from festival headliners or other celebrity acts and VIPs. They may also need the fence to delineate “public” and “private” spaces for the sake of alcohol sales and consumption. Some cities require controlled access to places that serve alcohol, so having a designated entry and exit point helps meet this requirement. 

Just like when construction companies need to keep on-lookers out of their worksites, temporary fencing can keep them from walking where they shouldn’t. Temporary panel fencing is an important tool in your toolbox to accomplish all of this and then some.

Why is Temporary Fencing Important? 

Temporary fencing is important because it allows you to control or direct foot traffic as needed in an easy, fast, and affordable way without building anything permanent that would take a lot longer time to erect. So when you really need crowd control, there’s temporary control fencing. When you need to barricade a section of your outdoor venue, there’s temporary fencing. When you need to keep people following a certain path, there’s temporary fencing. 

Benefits of Temporary Special Event Fencing

There are really no ends to the ways that a creative event organizer can use temporary fencing to their advantage. The most common ways are also the easiest and common sense ways to use temporary fencing panels, such as VIP sections and crowd control barricades for parades. We’ve seen them used for marathons, festivals, concerts, and more. 

Here’s a quick list of the benefits:

  • Easy to Use - It couldn’t be much simpler.
  • Easy to Install - It doesn’t take much to put them together. Even better, we can install them.
  • Customizable - As we mentioned, there’s a lot of ways to make them fit your purposes.
  • Affordable - Much easier on the wallet than a permanent change to your location.

The panels are easily daisy-chained together so you can create as long of a fence or as short of a fence as you would like. The fence posts can be weighted down with sandbags (we offer those) to prevent them from getting easily moved by enthusiastic event-goers. They can be circled around a section of the venue, or they can be used to limit access to audio/video equipment. Because they are easy to use, these temporary fence solutions are great for events. 

Other Ways to Use Temporary Fencing

Of course, events are not the only good use for temporary fence panels. Here are a few other ideas that you can “steal” from us:

Crime Prevention - Deter potential crimes from your event, construction site, or business remodels by placing temporary fencing around your stuff.

Keep Sporting Events from Losing Equipment - Small children can easily lose soccer balls or kick balls or footballs as they play. Constructing a few temporary chain link fences can help keep everyone in one location and out of the road or parking lot.

Herding Animals - Dogs and their owners can easily be given a safe location to play with some temporary fencing panels, made to be as large or as small as you would like.

Privacy - With the addition of some privacy netting to cover them, temporary fences are a simple and effective temporary block to prying eyes.

Advertising Panels - Temporary fencing products are an easy place to zip tie some advertising signs for your vendors and sponsors to get some much-needed attention on an otherwise empty space.

So whether you are organizing a summer concert or just need a temporary privacy fence for a wedding party, our chain link temporary fencing panels rise to whatever occasion you need them for. Just give us a call at (918) 272-0568 to get your free quote for your upcoming event or construction site.

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