Looking at the Cost of Temporary Fencing

When it comes to temporary fencing, there are different options available for you to consider, so knowing what you need from your fencing will go a long way to helping you choose the right option for your project.

Do you need to hide sections of an area from prying eyes? Do you need to cordon off an area for VIPs? Will you need taller fencing or does it matter? Perhaps shorter options are better suited for you. 

Different options will obviously cost different amounts, so by knowing what you need ahead of time, it will be much easier to get a quote for the temporary fencing rentals that you need. Whether it’s construction fencing or crowd control barriers for special events, most fencing options can be easy to find.

That said, let’s take a look at temporary fence panel rental options.

Common Temporary Fencing Solutions

When it comes to construction site fencing or fencing for special events, there are a variety of options. Chain link fencing is probably one of the most common for construction sites, while control fencing and barriers are more common for events.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the options are only available to those industries. For instance, housing remodels are another common use of temporary chain link fence panels. 

Chain Link Panels: Chain link panels come in pieces that are assembled with stands and sand bags to hold them in place and are a great resource for when you need anything from crowd direction to a little security to the job site. The most common size is 6 foot fencing, though there may be other options available to you.

Crowd Control Barriers: These fencing options are shorter and are often used to mark events such as marathon races, cordon off fair rides, or direct crowds in line. They can be linked together easily with interlocking connections and held in place with sand bags. They are the kind of that remind you of a “bike rack”.

Shade/Privacy Barrier: Especially helpful when you need an easy way to hide away whatever is behind your temporary fences. While these barriers will still allow you to see through them, they are a good way to provide a bit more of a privacy screen for things like VIP areas at festivals, or to make it a little less easy for people to see what’s behind the fence at a construction site.

Orange Temporary Fencing for Construction: At many construction sites, you can typically find that orange netted temporary fencing hanging around because it’s easily seen and marks areas that aren’t supposed to be crossed without permission. It makes an effective barrier that is also easily seen from most construction vehicles without having to be broken down in pieces at the end of a job.

Cost to Rent a Fence 

On average, the cost of renting temporary fencing can run anywhere from around $100 day to about $1,000 per month. It all depends on the equipment that you’ll be needing and for how long you plan to rent it.

If you are planning to put on a large marathon and want to use just a little fencing around certain areas, such as the beginning and end of the race, it will obviously cost less than if you are renting chain link fence panels for a construction site, where it will stay for months at a time.

So if you already have an idea of the size of the area you’ll be needing coverage for, this will help you go a long way in getting an accurate estimate.

In fact, to make things easier on you, as the customer, it is pretty typical to add on other common services together, such as trash and handwashing stations, so you may ask about that during the quote process, too.

Common Options in Addition to Fencing: 

  • Trash Services
  • Porta Potty Rental
  • Handwashing Stations
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations

At Your Service offers all of the above services, so it will be an easy add-on to your quote. We offer delivery, setup, and installation of fencing and add-on services.

So when you’re looking for fencing for your next special event or construction project, give AYS a call today at 918-272-0568 or submit this form for a free quote and one of our experts will call you and make sure you are getting the best service you can expect and the pricing you need.

Photo by Abby Lim on Unsplash

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