Temporary Fencing

Temporary Fence, Barricade, and Crowd Control Solutions for Special Events and Construction Sites

If you want to section off areas for special events or for construction purposes, At Your Service has what you need. Our premium 6'x12' chain link panel fencing is sturdy and moveable, ready to handle any job fencing or event fencing needs. With our temporary fencing, we offer with connection brackets and sandbags to ensure that the fencing stays where you want it. AYS Rentals also offers privacy netting to accompany our panel fencing.

Available for special events is our crowd-control pedestrian fencing. These rounded special event fencing units are perfect for creating pedestrian lines, sectioning off VIP areas, guiding crowds to certain areas of an event and so much more.

No matter how large or small your needs are, our panel temporary fencing and crowd-control temporary fencing are sure to rise to the challenge.

construction fencing with a porta potty
Construction site fencing
crowd control fencing
inside of a porta potty
privacy construction fencing

For Festivals, Fairs, Concerts 

  • Directs Traffic - Easily mark areas for guests to enter, exit, and move through the area.
  • Secure VIP and Staging Areas - Make sure the show goes on without trouble from overzealous fans or guests.
  • Setup and Takedown - Don’t worry about having to add setup to your ever-growing list of things to do; we handle everything.

On the construction site:

  • Keeps Unwanted Foot Traffic Off-Site - Prevent undesired guests from wandering into your site without permission.
  • Keeps Workers and Passersby Safe - Keep injuries to a minimum by preventing workers or passersby from going somewhere dangerous by mistake.

Other Features and Options:

  • Temporary Fence Panels - Easily managed, with a multitude of uses in any industry or for any purpose.
  • Privacy Screens  - Create a screen between sections of your site to allow for privacy or security.
  • Sizes - We offer multiple sizes and configurations
  • Barbwire add-on - Need extra security? Add barbed wire to your fencing to further discourage unwanted intruders.
  • Bike Racks - Enjoy being able to let guests or employees ride their bikes to your site? Give them that option by offering bike racks to lock up to.
  • Linkable  - Need a few racks but only one space? Easily expand the rank with our linkable bike racks.
  • Barricades - Always necessary for hundreds of reasons (or more!), barricades are available for your construction site or event.
  • Crowd control - Safely direct people and keep people out when you need to.
  • Gates - Control where people are allowed, and when, by adding gates.

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