Ranking the Top 10 Worst Things to Happen in a Bathroom

What is your worst bathroom emergency story? There are a lot of people who avoid public restrooms like the plague because they are worried about fecal bacteria or other germs, not wanting to touch the same toilet seat as a stranger, being nervous at rest stops, or sharing such an intimate part of their lives in such a public place. 

There are tons of reasons why someone may not want to use the public bathroom, but we have definitely rounded up a few true horror stories to give you some other reasons why they would rather wait until they got home.

Of course, there are stories across the internet that are frankly just too scary for this article, so we’ve kept our list pretty tame. (We didn’t want to share our nightmares with you. You’re welcome.) 

So without further ado, here are some of the top 10 worst things to happen to people in a bathroom:

  1. Surprise Birth! A mother in the United Kingdom had no idea she was pregnant when her partner went to bed the night before, while she was not feeling well. Early in the morning, she found out what was happening! Everything went okay, mom and baby were fine and the couple called the paramedics immediately afterward.  
  2. Alone In The Dark. The worst experience was one night in a large public restroom: A guy turned off the light switch as he left, leaving me in pitch darkness while sitting in a stall at the far end of the room. I had to feel my way out of there along a row of urinals and sinks, trying to find my way to the door. Besides being disgusting, it was scary not knowing if someone else was lurking there in the darkness waiting to attack, or whether I was truly alone. Back2Bach 
  1. Two little girls were scarred for life after getting stuck inside a stall together! The lock was really strong and they just couldn’t get out. Eventually, their screaming attracted the attention of a woman who had to dive over the door and reach the lock to let them out.
  2. Another guy was waiting around for a stall to open up. Unfortunately, a door opened and a little kid walked out, stared at the guy right in the eyes and said “warmed it up for ya!” 
  3. "One time I thought I had locked the stall door, but somehow it didn't latch. A girl then opened the door and immediately apologized, but she didn't leave! She just stood there talking to me with the door open and told me about how she had done this before — all while I was in the middle of peeing. Most awkward experience ever." - by karissay4e90a9395 
  4. "I was in a stall minding my own business when suddenly I felt a little hand start petting my foot. I have a tattoo of a dragonfly on it, and apparently the toddler in a stall with his mother felt the need to touch it. I heard his little voice say, "Oh so pretty," and the mom just started laughing. 

    All of a sudden, the toddler's face was in my stall while he was lying on the disgusting bathroom floor, and he started talking to me. I had no idea what to do. I mean, what do you do with a random kid watching you go to the bathroom?!" -by Cassandra Reuscher
  1. One time while I was using the bathroom, a woman entered the stall next to me, starting weeing, then OPENED A BAG OF CRISPS… …AND ATE THEM. Then flushed.” – Tara P
  2. “I lived in a fraternity in college. We had three public bathrooms, all of them vile. Our primary bathroom, which was on the second floor, had mushrooms growing out of the sink drain at one point.” – Tyler H
  3. One year during a half marathon, the winds were VERY prevalent and strong…which caused havoc during the race. The marching bands had to stop playing, water handout was a nightmare because the cups were flying everywhere, the mile marker signs fell down, tumbleweeds tumbled through the course, and the portable loos…oh god, oh god, oh god. I watched one tip over, and I said a silent prayer for the poor runner who was inside.” – Kirk D
  4. When I heard the first call for boarding, I took the boys to the bathroom one more time. I gathered all 723 snacks, the lovey, the backup lovey, the blanket, the monster trucks, the iPad, and the package of wipes that had quickly gone from “packed in the carry-ons” to “strewn all over gate 77”. My hands were completely full so I shoved the boarding passes in my back pocket for safekeeping and we journeyed to the bathroom. 

    We and all of our belongings crammed into the biggest stall available. I did my thing while I watched the 1 year old unroll all the toilet paper and reassured the 3 year old for the  27th time that the plane wasn’t leaving without us. When I stood up, I turned around to flush the toilet and saw that it was already flushing – newfangled automatic sensor again – except not only was it flushing toilet paper, it was flushing OUR BOARDING PASSES. All 3 papers. The ones I stored in my pocket for “safe-keeping”. 
  1. I walked into the bathroom, and opened the door to a stall, because the door wasn't properly locked, and it turns, out I walked into the woman's bathroom. As you can imagine the lady using the toilet was shocked and embarrassed, as was I
  2. One time I went to use one of those urinals that goes all the way down to the floor, and while I was "relieving" myself I looked down only to see cockroaches scampering out from the drain.

What is your worst public restroom experience? What is the filthiest bathroom you have seen? Do your stories get worse than any of these? We hope not! Luckily, at AYS, we proudly commit ourselves to clean and prompt customer service of our porta potty rentals. So if you need to be sure your next event has public restrooms, let us give you a free quote.

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