How to Make a Porta Potty More Classy for an Outdoor Wedding

Every outdoor wedding that is located somewhere in a less than populated area or on a property that has no facilities has had to face the music: There will be people that need to use the bathroom and there will be nowhere to go. Enter porta potty rentals. While this option is not glamorous to think about, we can guarantee that a wedding porta potty does not need to be a smelly, unpleasant experience! Au Contraire, Mon Frere! There are now a lot more options for porta potty rentals for weddings. Let’s go over the options to class up your typical wedding porta potty, then go into the other “high class” options.

Decorate the Porta Potty

For those on a budget, a regular porta potty may be all that can be had, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or elicit the usual, less than desireable response from friends and family. Because of the DIY culture that we have been happily experiencing in recent years, many a Bride on a Budget has been able to create a more pleasant experience for their wedding guests simply by decorating the porta potties at their weddings.

Anything from curtains, to flowers, to hanging photos of the bride and groom, and Christmas lights have been used to decorate the otherwise drab exterior (and interior) of these portable potty rooms.

porta potties inside of a white tent with greenery and seating at a wedding

(Image from Pinterest)

floral design inside of a porta potty for a wedding

(Image from Chris M. on Flikr)

As you can see above, quite a few endeavoring brides have found quite a few ways to try and make family and friends feel more comfortable using the porta potties and incorporating them into their weddings’ themes, as well.

This includes the outside of their potties, as you can see in the first picture. Many brides have found ways to create a “room” that include their portable restrooms to give an upgrade to what would otherwise be a less inviting space. And others have chosen to leave the potties undressed, while adding more amenities, such as hand washing stations just outside, or tables with cards for the guests to write something while they wait.

outdoor bathroom sing with a mirror hanging on a tree

Porta Potties covered by a white event tent with a small white table and a lamp just outside

(Image from Pinterest)

Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

But maybe you really just don’t like to idea of your wedding porta potty being seen. It’s clunky. They are out of place in your beautifully landscaped or decorated outdoor space. Understandable. So some brides and grooms have chosen to hide them all together using clever decorations.

outdoor event design with white doors an antique chest of drawers with flowers and decor atop

These doors that have been placed together along with a trash receptacle, and dresser full of tissues, hand sanitizer, hair spray, and other amenities cleverly place a barrier between the outdoor potties and the guests at the event.

rustic doors and a cabinet covering up two porta potties

(Image from Pinterest)

In this similar setup, the couple has used a panel of fencing as well as old, worn doors and chalk paint to not only hide their porta potties, but also provide a functioning “wall” that offers toiletries and even a mirror for the ladies to spot check makeup.

Get a Really Classy Outdoor Wedding Potty

Now all of these ideas are wonderfully creative, for the Bride that has the time and ingenuity to pull them off, but what about the couples that just want a functioning bathroom for their wedding guests without having to worry about more decorations? Portable and classy, our luxury VIP trailer rentals are the answer to every bride and grooms’ needs and wants! When you need or just want an upscale option that keeps it classy for your outdoor wedding (or other event), these trailers are a perfect solution.

VIP restrroom trailer with two stalls

They can be pulled into your area or property, used, then pulled away.

interior of the men's side of a VIP trailer with two urinals and two sinks
lady's side of a restroom trailer with two stalls and two sinks

The Satellite VIP Restroom Trailer includes washing stations, power (aka lighting), and flushing toilets or urinals (for the men). Some of our restrooms provide a classier, more upscale portable toilet option for those brides and grooms that don’t feel the need for all the amenities, while still providing more than just your typical porta potty experience.

white bathroom trailer with two stalls

Our portable restroom trailers are the VIP treatment for discerning Bride and Grooms’ outdoor wedding! They don’t look like the average porta potty, but they still handle everyone’s “business”, making it a clean and less discouraging way to offer your guests a bathroom. And even if you aren’t completely satisfied with the look our portable restroom trailers provide, you could always decorate them using the ideas above! When you have classy porta potty rental options and ideas like these, why would you choose anything else?

Ready to learn more? Visit our portable restrooms page for more pictures and information, and to get a quote! Or give us a call at 918-272-0568 and one of our knowledgeable staff will let you know about all of our porta potty rental options for your outdoor wedding!

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