Keeping Job Sites Safe with Construction Fencing

Keeping Construction Job Sites Safe and Secure

As a construction company owner or other person, such as a project manager, in charge of the safety and security of the equipment, materials, buildings, and other miscellaneous items that are typically on or around the site, you’re probably interested in ways of accomplishing that goal without going over on your budget. You need affordable and simple ways to keep trespassers out and keep liabilities to a minimum. 

Without the building materials, tools, etc. the job can’t get done and that means backed up deadlines, not to mention the liabilities that you could be opened up to if someone that shouldn’t be on the job site manages to get on-site and then ends up hurt. Without these security measures in place, a lot of bad things can happen, costing time and money. While no site is above a missed deadline or two, helping to keep them from happening while also keeping trespassers out is a top priority because not only is it better for the company, but often, regulations and even some insurance policies will also require construction sites to build or otherwise construct certain barriers or restrictions for safety purposes.

Because of this, construction companies must consider security measures to prevent theft, vandalism, accidents, and more. It is the company’s responsibility. Some such security measures can include but are certainly not limited to, security cameras, security guards, construction fencing, and even barbed or razor wire for some, but in most cases putting up a simple construction fence will keep most criminals and curious bystanders out of your job site.

What is Construction Fencing?

Construction fencing can vary from site to site, depending on what is needed. However, one of the simplest and easiest construction fencing options available is 6'x12' chainlink fencing panels mounted on feet and weighted down with sandbags and it's what we offer at AYS to our construction clients. 

These panels provide a deterrent that an open site just doesn’t have. If you’ve ever been on a job site with no fencing or other sort of barrier, you know how easy it is for anyone to come up and get into places they probably shouldn’t be. These panels are easy to construct and they are a simple way to begin building up your job site security, which is why they are also so popular. They do the job of keeping people up to no good away from your site.

Other Uses 

Besides keeping thefts and vandals from getting to your construction materials and equipment, construction fencing can also be used for other things around the construction grounds. Because these panels are both easily moveable and temporary, they are a good go-to when you need some barriers for other things. Let’s take a look: 

  • Zoning on Your Site. When you need to make sure some of your crew or contractors don’t go where they don’t need to be, you can use temporary construction fencing like these to create “zones” so you can make sure the people going into those zones have all of the right protective equipment and tools for the job they’re doing.
  • Cordon Off Dangerous Areas. When building something new, sometimes you have to tear something down or dig pits or holes. Did you know that 1/3 of all construction fatalities are due to falls? When you need to make sure none of your employees or subcontractors fall into those holes or somehow get stuck in areas that may be very dangerous for unauthorized personnel, orange cones and caution tape simply may not be enough. In cases like this, it’s easy to erect a few fence panels in order to eliminate those accidents.
  • Limit Access. Not often, but sometimes it may be necessary for certain areas of the job site to be limited to only a handful of people, such as inspectors or upper management. You don’t want anything to change while you wait for someone to sign on a dotted line or while you’re getting approval for a change, so you can shut it off to all but the most important people that need to be there with construction fencing.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list for all of the ways this type of chain link construction fencing can help you out on the job site, nor is it the end all, be all for the different types of temporary construction fencing. However, this should give anyone looking into the subject all of the most pertinent reasons for renting and using it. 

If you’re ready to rent temporary construction fencing for your next construction job, get a hold of us today for your free quote. At Your Service has what you need, no matter how big or small your needs are.

Photo by Reto Simonet on Unsplash

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