Portable Sinks for Outdoor events

Special Event Portable Pump Sinks and Sanitizing Stations

Mobile foot pump Sink Stations

At Your Service provides premium portable sinks for special events. These sinks come in many different shapes and sizes. No matter which sink you choose, you will be happy to have clean hands!

No need for running water or water tanks, get clean hands anywhere with soap and water.Our portable sinks will cater to all of your “washing up” needs with:

  • Durable foot pumps - Don’t worry about guests finding themselves without the ability to use the station. Our pedals are durable and strong. 
  • Large Water Reserves - Larger tanks give you more hand washes per station.
  • Soap dispensers - For those that would prefer soap and water instead of hand sanitizer, our soap dispensers offer them the versatility.
  • Paper towels - Supplied with your rental, so you don’t have to worry about supplying them yourself.
  • Hands-free - For those guests that are concerned about touching public surfaces, these stations are basically hands-free and operating mostly by foot (with the exception of the soap dispenser).

Providing sinks along with your restroom rental is a perfect way to make the attendees of your event feel comfortable and clean, no matter how far the event is from plumbing.

outdoor event sinks
Refillable portable hand sanitizer stations for large events

Hand Sanitizer Stations

At Your Service offers affordable, standalone hand sanitizer dispensers for your next large event or gathering; Handi-Stands. These lightweight dispensers offer your customers and guests an easy way to clean their hands without the need for water. This is especially handy when running water is scarce in your location!

Make getting clean hands quick and simple for your guests by offering them our easy-to-use Handi-Stands. Benefits of using Handi-Stands at your next event:

  • 4 large containers - 4 people can use each stand at a time, allowing more people to grab what they need and go without standing in line for a single sanitizer stand.
  • No need for running water or water tanks
  • Keep hands clean, easily
  • Allow your guests to clean up "on the go"; no need to stand in one place for long
  • Keeps lines for handwashing short

For your convenience, each Handi-Stand is easy to re-position around your site or event and has 4 dispensers of water-less hand sanitizer so more than one person can use them at a time. They are a great option for cold winter months when freezing temperatures might be a concern for sinks and running water.

Alongside our portable toilets, our Handi-Stands are a perfect solution for keeping your guests clean and healthy at your next special event!

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